In as little as 15 minutes, our on-site chair massage offers employees
a quick escape from their busy workday, leaving them relaxed,
energized, focused and ready to work.


Our mobile on-site chair massage rate is $80 per hour, with a one time setup fee of $25 per therapist.
This price does not include gratuity. A $25 fee will be added if the booking does not meet our 3 hour minimum.

Non-profits qualify for a 10% discount.

What's Included

Licensed and insured massage therapists

Professional massage chair

Music for a relaxing atmosphere

Custom sign-up sheet

Online booking

Benefits for Employers

Attract top talent

Increase employee productivity

Increase employee retention

Improve office morale

Decrease Worker's Compensation claims

Benefits for Employees

Increase focus, energy and mental clarity

Relieve muscle tension and pain

Reduce stress and relieve headaches

Prevent repetitive strain injuries

Improve quality of sleep

Payment Options

company sponsored

Company Sponsored

Company pays 100%



Company and employee split payment

employee paid

Employee Paid

Employee pays 100%